List of Future Tasks to Improve GPars Documentation

20 Feb.2016 - JNorthr

This is an updated list of tasks to improve our GPars Documentation using asciidoctor markup.

There is stuff remaining to be done, so will update this list as time permits.


  1. replace website favicon with GPars version ok

  2. Re-Point landing page links for About, Services, Contact to a page within this website ok

  3. Re-point landing page links at bottom to Home, About, Services, Contact to a page within this website or remove ok

  4. add, rename or remove landing page links according to Vaclav or Russel

  5. repoint landing page Download button to /gpars download page ok

  6. Complete navigation bar for /home.html page ok

  7. Add navigation bar to each page within main site but not UserGuide, Quick Reference or Jon Kerridge Tutorial if agreeable ?

  8. Add LICENSE link on Use - see Terms/Conditions ok

  9. Remove HOME choice and make GPars Icon clickable to return to site landing page ok

  10. move Future Roadmap link from ABOUT menu to HACKER menu ok

  11. Clarify URL’s on Developer Zone page ok

  12. change 'lady' divider image within User Guide to something else ok

  13. re-gen PDF one page for User Guide ok

  14. identify topics for 'TBD' within User Guide

  15. identify, locate and install support .Jars for Jon Kerridge’e JCSP samples and groovy helper classes - Jon has sent us links,etc.

  16. integrate and provide download links to sample code for Jon Kerridge’e JCSP samples

  17. use DoctorTemplateEngine to allow live asciidoctor encoded files like .adoc, .ad bad - requirement deleted

  18. revise text for ./home.html introduction ok

  19. finish header.gtpl and footer.gtpl layouts for skeleton usage in future pages

  20. complete GPars Installer image on /gpars page ok

  21. identify correct href target address for /gpars links to About, Download, Help, Contribute plus ALL the links at the bottom of that page ok

  22. identify new URLs for all missing resources we now offer on gpars . org download page, like samples, APIs, etc. ok - a few bad URLs remain;

  23. fix CSS colors for anchor links within /gpars All Our Downloads <a> links

  24. /gpars download page needs GPARS icon clickable to go back to landing page ok

  25. update /gpars download pg: make GPARS header icon go back to landing page ok

  26. update /gpars download pg: finish Installer image ok

  27. update /gpars download pg: identify proper links for ABOUT, DOWNLOAD, HELP, CONTRIBUTE links ok

  28. update /gpars download pg: identify proper links for CONTRIBUTE, PRIVACY, FAQ ok

  29. update /gpars download pg: identify proper links for 11 links at bottom of page ok

  30. update /gpars download pg: make links to each 'All Our Download' jar colored red or dotted, ??

  31. update /gpars download pg: make links to each UserPost and Dev.Post show 'Read more…​' and if clicked, takes user back to original post

  32. update /gpars download pg: make link to an actual page for the FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  33. update front page 'Fast Track' to include Build Tool Integration ok

  34. Add Javadoc and Groovydoc API 1.2.1 to this app; Note this will create a maintenance task when deploying next vers of GPars ok

  35. Consider social media exposure for GPars - added Google+ plus Twitter plus FaceBook links on landing pg; add to bottom of each page ok

  36. Update Download page to show Java JVM for each GPars release ok


  1. Need to re-visit all stale URLs with the website documentation to confirm the now work, or comment out. ok +
    + - a few bad URLs need updating, see Stale menu

  2. Delete ununsed image files

  3. Update README on how to change/edit document

  4. Update To-Do page - In progress

  5. Change all version numbers to 1.2.1 ok

  6. Add click link to each post within Latest User Posts and Latest Dev.Posts to take user directly to that post. ok see Read more…​ choice

  7. Develop plan to offer API, sample code, zips from internal resources folder within this website with click links to download each. In progress

  8. Add note to /gpars download page that if existing groovy already installed, user might already have GPars and not need to download another version ok

  9. Review and improve /integration document about using maven and gradle to grab GPars.

  10. Add new and more recent articles and presentations to LEARN menu

  11. add Redis caching feature to improve site performance - ok

  12. Remove obsolete/unused images

  13. Archive unused .groovy scripts in WEB-INF/groovy folder ok

Future Ideas

  1. Provide a live-code feature where users can test/run our code samples within this site.

  2. Consider authoring GPars book for Manning press - see sample book cover

  3. Promote Lanyrd GPars Speaking events